Gundalagera Gramathana Sy. No. 156,41,42,43 Village Guideline value

Guideline Value is the minimum value fixed by the Karnataka department of registration and stamps for property registration in respective area. The property types in Gundalagera are classified into agriculture, non - agriculture, residential flat, residential apartment, commercial flat, and commercial apartment. Guideline value is applicable to all the property types in Gundalagera and these guideline Values are revised periodically to have them in sync with the market value. Gundalagera guideline value helps to determine the associated costs pertain to property registration such as such stamp duty fees, registration fee etc. Any property in Gundalagera has to be registered in Hunasagi sub registrar office (SRO).

Gundalagera Agriculture
Land Type
Guidline Value
Dry, No Source of Irrigation,Other
Estimated Guideline value