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A rent receipt is a documentary record of rent payment. It is proof that the tenant has paid his rent to the landlord. This rent receipt is signed by the landlord after collecting the rent. This rent receipt is accepted by the Income Tax Department for HRA in tax benefits.

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------Know Your PanCard?------

How Does a NRI apply for PAN Card

A Permanent Account Number or as it is more popularly known as the PAN is a unique alphanumeric number that each applicant is provided with. It is a must for Income Tax filing as well as certain financial transactions like property buying/selling or even investing in mutual funds and the like. view more

Documents you Need to Apply for New PAN Card

There are different documents that you need to submit when you are applying for a PAN card for the very first time. The documents are different if you are applying for a PAN for your company or firm registered in India. So here is a list of documents for different types of PAN as updated in 2018. view more

PAN Card Application for Partnership Firms

Partnership firms generally are created by two or more entities who agree to share profits of their business. Partnership firms in India are governed by the Indian Partnership Act of 1932. Like all companies and entities, even a partnership firm needs to apply for a PAN card for their partnership firm.view more

Duplicate PAN Card When and How to Apply?

It is not unusual to lose your PAN card. More people than you know it are doing so all the time. Lose your wallet and maybe your PAN was in it, misplaced it or jus has become damaged and cannot be used. view more

Can a Minor Apply for a PAN Card

Not everyone knows that the Government of India allows even minors to apply for a pan card. Apart from being a good proof of identity, it becomes necessary if any property registration includes a minor. Just as it goes for an adult, minor PAN card application can also be done either online or offline. view more

Reasons Why your PAN Card Application Gets Rejected

TPAN or Permanent Account Number is most important for all financial transactions, opening a bank account or filing income tax. But applying for a new PAN can come with the chances of your application getting rejected.Always double check your application to make sure you have not missed out anything. view more

Multiple PANs? How to Cancel your PAN Card Online

There are people out there with multiple pan cards and BEWARE that is considered illegal and can attract a hefty fine. They are different agencies handling PAN applications this is a possibility. sometimes if you have lost your PAN you might apply for another but then find your card. It’s best to surrender your card if you have multiple PANs. view more

How to verify someone else’s NSDL PAN Card Onlines

Applying for a new PAN card is easy and even getting details of your own PAN card. However, if you need to verify someone else’s PAN card details, then what do you do? The government NSDL website does give you this option but it can only be availed by authorized entities and not by the general publicsss view more

How to Find your PAN Card Details

The PAN is a Permanent Account Number that is actually a mix of Alphabets and numbers. It is issued by the Income Tax Department and is a must have for each of us particularly when we file our income tax. It is now become mandatory for opening a bank account and needs to be shown for big value bank transactions as well. view more

How to Track your PAN Card Application/Delivery Status

It is essential for everyone to have a PAN card. The PAN stands for Permanent Account Number issued by the Income Tax Department and that is why most financial transactions require you to have a PAN card. After you apply for your PAN card whether it is online or through a PAN card Service then you can expect to get your card in about 15 days.view more

What is Form 61 for PAN Card?

Permanent Account Number is issued to every individual from the Income Tax Department of India. It is essential for filing of Income Tax as well as needed for other large financial transactions. Normally Form 49A is the form that all resident Indians should fill. view more

Quick Information on Queries Regarding PAN Card

There are many doubts that people have about the PAN or Permanent Account Number. In recent times with most transactions requiring a PAN card, more and more people are applying for one. We try to provide clarifications for many of the questions that are raised by our clients and hope it will prove useful to everyone. view more

What is PAN Form 49A and Form 49AA

Having a PAN has become mandatory today with most financial transaction needing it. More people are getting into the Tax bracket with young people joining the workforce. But the process of application differs for Indians residing in India, Foreigners residing in India and Indians residing abroad. We are here to throw light on all these numbers. view more

How to Apply for Correction on PAN Card Online

You have a PAN card but you might need some details corrected.Many people apply for PAN card correction to correct their date of birth, Father’s name and sometimes even their name. If you are looking to make corrections to your Pan card then you can apply online or offline,here is how view more

“I’m Not Earning So Do I need a PAN Card?”

There was a time when only taxpayers used to need a PAN card. However, things have changed with PAN and Aadhaar now become essential proofs that need to be submitted So here are a few situations where you will not be able to proceed if you do not have a PAN card even if you are still in college or not yet working.view more

All Questions Answered Regarding PAN Card for Indian and NRI

Applying for a PAN is completely voluntary as much as it is voluntary to apply for a passport or driver’s license. But then if you want to travel outside the country or drive on Indian roads then those documents are mandatory. view more

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