About Us

Localitydetails.com is an online portal which provides versatile information to users which are considered necessary for property registration. The process of registering a property involves various facets of procedures, formalities, paper works etc to the get their property registered in their name. Localitydetails.com provides all such information and solutions under one roof.


Today investing in property becomes momentous compare to other investments. The course of investment in property is not limited to identifying the property, but continues till the property gets registered in the investor’s name. Many have landed in problems because of unawareness towards the progression of property registrations, and in worse case some get cheated.

Localitydetails.com provides comprehensive information’s pertains to property registration. This includes details about guideline value, sub registrar office address, list of stamp vendors etc. It also provides user interface solution such as online calculators like property valuation calculator; templates like sale deed etc, to facilitate users who are in the process of registering a property. Our team incessantly focuses our efforts in identifying and sharpening the product, which enables users to overcome the impediment involves in registering their property.

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Localitydetails.com is a unit of VAN Technologies India’s fastest growing Online solution provider. VAN Technology provides varied internet based solutions in the field of realestate, community, digital marketing and so on. VAN Technology also undertakes internet based projects on Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) basis.