Mutual Fund Calculator

This calculator is also known as a mutual fund lumpsum calculator. If you are thinking of making a lumpsum investment, then calculate the future value of wealth using a lumpsum calculator. For instance, if you are likely to invest Rs 1 lakh rupees for 60 years at 15%, then as per the lumpsum calculator, your savings will be 48.3 Cr approx. after 60 years.

You are required is to enter the SIP amount, SIP Duration, and SIP frequency to calculate the maturity amount for an estimated return of investment. Select the nature of investment, amount, rate of return, and investment duration. Suppose the nature of investment is SIP, choose the amount, time, expected return. The mutual fund will let you know expected return on maturity.

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Here's the formula to calculate the Mutual Fund:


FV is Future Value

PV is Present Value

N Duration of the investment

R Estimated Rate of Return

For example : Suppose you decided to make one-time investment like Rs 1 lakh for 10 years at 8% rate of interest, using this formula, you can get the results!

FV = 1,00,000 (1+8/100) ^10
FV = Rs 2,15,892.5.
So, the future value of the mutual fund investment after 10 years at an estimated return of 8% is Rs 2,15,892.5

Benefits of Mutual Fund Calculator

  • Eliminates your dependency on agents/ distributors to calculate returns for you.
  • Offers you the freedom of calculating returns on lumpsum investment at any given point of time.
  • Results are quick.
  • Easy to use and understand

Main aspects of Mutual Fund Return Calculator

  • Lump Sum amount
  • Number of years
  • Expected rate of return per annum

Now returns on mutual funds are calculated in two ways, one in terms of Absolute return and the other one is Compound Annual Growth Rate.

The mutual fund is a financial scheme that uses money of multiple investors for investing in a collected corpus like short term money market instruments, assets, securities, or combination of investments. It is done in accordance with the investment objectives as disclosed in the offer document.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Mutual Fund Calculator works?
    A mutual fund calculator is a financial tool that helps in enabling the investor to calculate the estimated returns of investment. The mutual funds investment can be done in two ways, one time and monthly. SIP or systematic investment plan is the best way of investing in mutual funds.
  • How often we can make mutual fund investments?
    Most of the mutual funds are liquid investments, so they can be withdrawn whenever you feel like. There are some mutual funds that have a lock-in-term. The equity linked savings scheme, has 3 years of lock-in-period.
  • Why one year return in mutual fund is higher than 3-year return?
    The return on mutual funds is calculated on an annualized basis. A mutual fund return fluctuates across years. This is the reason one year return is higher than 3-year return.
  • What is NAV in mutual fund
    It is net asset value, based on which one make sales and purchases of mutual funds.
  • Which NAV is good? High or low?
    The lower NAV is always considered good as compared to higher NAV