Goa Guideline Value

Guideline Value or Fair Value is the minimum price fixed by the Government of Goa, India for registering lands and properties in Goa. Anyone who wants to register their land has to do it according to the guideline value (Buy or Sell or Donate a particular land or property). There is no option to register any land below the fair value. These guideline values are revised periodically according to the facilities and development work done in the area. The types of property or land registration in Goa are classified into agriculture and non-agriculture, residential flat, residential apartment, commercial flat and commercial apartment. The land values are measured in square feet. Mostly, the market value of the land will differ based on its location, but there won’t be changes in guideline value once it is fixed by the government. The land owners can visit nearby SRO to know the fair value provided by the officials.

The officials from the Public Work Department will quote the guideline value. The officials will visit the area and go through the basic amenities provided by the government before fixing the guideline value and tax revision. In case, the government takes over the land or property to convert it as an industrial area or other purpose, the government has to pay the land owner according to the guideline value or more than it was mentioned. Sometimes, it has to pay according to the judgment given by the court. The staff in the Sub Registration Office will follow it while they are registering the lands and properties. It is better to go through the guideline value of any land at any place before buying or selling it. Apart from guideline value, the buyer has to know the taxes charged on the property. It helps the buyer to predict the real value of lands or properties.

Property type Minimum Value (Rs.) Maximum Value (Rs.)
Agriculture 150 per square feet 6,500 per square feet
Non-Agriculture 100 per square feet 3,500 per square feet
Flat/Apartment Commercial 200 per square feet 15,500 per square feet
Flat/Apartment Residential 250 per square feet 12,000 per square feet

Latest Updates on Guidance Value For Built-up Properties in Goa

On 1 April 2021, the Government of Goa issued the revised minimum base value for lands and built-up properties. The guideline value of land is categorized on the base of construction on land.

  • Residential Purpose:

    S.No Category of area Rate per square meters in gated colony Rate per square meters in built up area in independent plots
    1. Category A Rs. 50,000 /- Rs. 40,000 /-
    2. Category B Rs. 40,000 /- Rs. 35,000 /-
    3. Category C Rs. 35,000 /- Rs. 30,000 /-

  • The cost of land for villas / bungalows on individual plots should be calculated separately based on the market value according to the village or area. For built structures with construction / mud wall has to be assessed as Rs. 15,000/- per m2 of built area and land should be assessed separately. The Portuguese architecture houses should be rated as minimum guideline value at least Rs. 20,000/-. There is no reduction for any mundkarial houses.

  • Commercial Purpose:

    S.No Category of area Category of area in gated colony Rate per square meters in built up area
    1. Category A Commercial premises facing the main / public road which does not include the internal roads in the complex / society on the ground floor. Rs. 1,50,000 /-
    Any other commercial premises not facing public road. Rs. 1,00,000 /-
    On upper floors. Rs. 75,000 /-
    2. Category B Commercial premises facing the main / public road which does not include the internal roads in the complex / society on the ground floor. Rs. 1,00,000 /-
    Any other commercial premises not facing public road. Rs. 80,000 /-
    On upper floors. Rs. 60,000 /-
    3. Category C Commercial premises facing the main / public road which does not include the internal roads in the complex / society on the ground floor. Rs. 80,000 /-
    Any other commercial premises not facing public road. Rs. 60,000 /-
    On upper floors. Rs. 50,000 /-

  • The hotels and resorts should be considered as commercial premises. Some structures are used for business purposes, but not considered or part of commercial premises should be valued as Rs. 20,000/- per square meters.

  • Industrial Purpose:

    S.No Category of area Nature of industrial unit Rate per square meters in built up area
    1. Category A Information Technology / IT enable service industry is established IT Parks. Rs. 60,000 /-
    2. Category B Industrial building with RCC construction. Rs. 40,000 /-
    3. Category C Industrial shed. Rs. 20,000 /-

  • Properties of Goa:-

    Goa is one of the popular states in India, it lies in the southwestern coastal part of India. The total land coverage in the state of Goa is 3,702 Km2 which comes around a total of 1429 square miles and Goa is ranked 26th in the state wise.

    The following are the % of the lands which has been divided by the usages of the land:-

    • Forest area covers a total land of 1,225 sq km which is 33.09% of its geographical area.
    • Small crops area have covered a total land of 310 sq km which is 5.56%
    • The large crops have covered a total land of 550 sq km which is 7.45%.
    • The residential area has covered a total land of 42.61%
    • And the rest of the % belongs to the Government of Goa.

  • Procedures to be followed by the land owner and buyer in Goa :-

    The procedure followed in the Sub Registrar Office.

    • The buyer must make sure that the land or property belongs to the real owner from whom he is going to purchase.
    • Before buying the land, the buyer has to apply for the EC (Encumbrance certificate – refer to wikiprocedure.com for the procedure) with the SRO registrar and get the EC
    • SRO link is provided to search.
    • EC can be obtained to the respective SRO as per authorities advice.
    • When the buyer is satisfied with the results, then he can go for documentation for registering the property.
    • Both buyer and seller can approach the SRO to confirm the date for registration.
    • Buy valid stamp papers for registration of the land as per the value of land. The market value of land or registering price in the said area is taken into account for buying the stamp papers. Stamp papers are bought according to the advice of SRO.
    • On the scheduled date, buyer, seller and witnesses should reach the SRO earlier and wait for the officials call.
    • On their scheduled slot, follow the instructions given by the authorities to complete the registration.
    • The buyer, seller and witness has to produce their original ID before the registrar along with the DD for the said amount to be paid by the buyer to the seller.
    • After verifying all details in-person, the registrar will sign the respective order.
    • The buyer, seller and witness should sign the registry as well as in the advised places of the document to complete the registration procedures.

Note: Who all are involved in registration must carry their original ID proofs and address proofs at the time of registration.

Guideline Value for District’s in Goa

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) s

  • How can we get the latest Goa guideline value?
    Anyone can get the Goa latest guideline value of a particular area from the Sub-Registrar Office in that particular city.
  • Should we register the Goa property at Guideline Value by State Government or circle rate?
    Market price of a Goa property in a particular area can be much higher than the guideline value fixed by the Revenue Department. So, the buyer has to register at guideline value or buying rate for the safer side.
  • Why does the government raise the Goa Guideline value of a property?
    The government is raising the guideline value of all Goa property because it is the major source of revenue for the government. Whenever they raise the guideline value, it automatically increases the revenue.
  • How Lower Goa Guidance Value impacts buyer and seller?
    The lower Goa guideline value helps both the buyer and seller as it requires very low stamp fees and registration fees while registering. Lower guideline value leads to more transactions.
  • Can Goa Guideline values change according to the floor in a building?
    Yes, the Goa guideline value will change according to the floor in a building. Mostly, the bottom or ground floor will remain the same, it will be raised according to the number of floors.