Tamil Nadu Guideline value

The guidleline value is, which the government fixes a certain amount for the properties and the sale value [Market value] cannot be less than the guideline value,this is called as the guideline value in tamilnadu and in every state its known by different names. It is the minimum value of a land determined by the government to calculate stamp duty charges while buying and selling the property. It's varies from the one locality to other locality which is based on the criteria. The government fixes the guideline value through the SRO for the registration of property.

How to find Guideline value of a particular place?

To find the guideline value of a particular place, just visit the official website of the registration department and type guideline value in the search bar of that website. note that every state has its own official government website which contains each and every detail of the state. then select the Zone --> Sub-registrar office --> Village name --> Area name. After filling these details, you can see details regarding the guideline value of that place.

Properites of Tamil Nadu:-

TAMIL NADU is one of the popular states in the India, its lies in the southernmost part of the Indian sub-continent. the total land coverage in the state of Tamil Nadu is 1,30,058km2 which comes around a total of 50,216.sq.mi. and Tamil Nadu is ranked 6th in the state wise.

The following are the % of the lands which has been divided by the usages of the land:-

1. Forest area has covered a total land of 16.55%

2. Small crops area has covered a total land of 33.4%

3. The large crops has covered a total land of 1.78%

4. The residential area has covered a total land of 36.63%

5. And the rest of the % is belonged to the government of Tamil Nadu.

Guideline value details for Major cities in Tamil Nadu

2003,2007and 2012 Guideline value

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