Rent Receipt Generator

If you are a salaried employee, you are mandated to make a submission of rent receipt in accordance with Income Tax Act, 1961. Through rent receipts, you can claim tax exemptions. The rent you are paying from your earnings for the whole financial year gets deducted from your annual earnings.

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Important components of Rent Receipt

  • Tenant name
  • Rent Paid
  • Landlord Name
  • Rental Period
  • House address
  • Signature of Landlord

How does the Rent Receipt Generator work?

  • The Rent Receipt Calculator is an easy-to-use financial tool that allows you to create receipts you have paid during the whole financial year.
  • The receipts that are generated with the help of this financial tool are as per the format specified by the Income Tax Authorities. One can take a printout of the same as per convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it necessary to have a revenue stamp on rent receipt?
    A revenue stamp must be on rent receipts, only then that receipt is considered valid. If you are paying rent through cheque, only then rent receipt is not considered valid.
    • If you are paying rent in cash up to Rs 50,000, a revenue stamp is not required.
    • If you are paying cash more than Rs 50,000 per receipt, then a revenue stamp is required.
  • Do I need to share the rent receipt with my employer every month?
    No, usually employers ask to share the rent receipt for the last 4-6 months.
  • What is the best way of generating monthly rent receipts?
    To generate rent receipt, you need to be aware of the tenure for which you are looking to generate receipts. One can generate receipts monthly, yearly, or quarterly.
  • Will revenue stamps also come along with e-receipt?
    No, the revenue stamps you paste on your receipt manually. Online you can generate receipts only.
  • What is needed for claiming HRA?
    As an employee, if you want to claim HRA, you must have a stamped rent receipt given to you by your landlord.
  • Can I claim tax exemption without showing a rent receipt?
    If an employee is getting HRA above Rs 3000, it is a must for them to share the rent receipt. Below, Rs 3000, it is not required.