Agarmalwa District Guideline Value, Madhya Pradesh

Agar district of Madhya Pradesh was formedin 2003, made from the part ofshajapurdistrict. It is situated at the Indore-Kota SH-27 Highway. At the timeof India's' Independence it was treated as a military hub due to its favourable climatic conditions and availability of water. The District covers the area of 2785Sq Km. The city has two divisionsnamely Agar Malwaand Susner. Further the cityis divided into 4 Taluks which are Agar, Badod, Nalkheda and Susner. The peak of the district varies between 1,600 ft and 1,788 ft above the sea level and inclined towardsthe north.To registerProperty in Agar district, one has to be registered at the minimum guideline valueset by the department of Registration and stamps. Guideline value in Agarmay be varies as compared to the circle rate, according to the market demand andsupply.For registering any type of property like residential house,agricultural land, commercial plot etc one should well known of the taluk where theparticular property lands.

Sub-Registrar Office in Agarmalwa

  • Address: Agar Deputy registrar office
    Pincode: 465441

  • Address: Susner Deputy registrar office
    Pincode: 465447

  • Address: Nalkheda Deputy registrar office
    Pincode: 465445

Taluk’s in Agarmalwa Guideline Value

    Choose the appropriate taluk's / tehsil in Agarmalwa district to see the property guideline value

  • Agar

  • Badod

  • Nalkheda

  • Susner