Betul District Guideline Value, Madhya Pradesh

Betul district of Madhya Pradesh is situated at the Southernmostpart of the state and coversthe maximum area of Satpura Forests. District Shareits boundary with Hoshangabad, Amarawati, Chhindwara and in north, south,east respectively. The District Coversthe area of 193 Sq Km. Further the city isdividedinto 9 Taluks which are Ghoradongri, Multai, Amla, Athner, Betul,Bhainsdehi, Chicholi, Ghoda and Shahpur.The sea level of the district is2158.79 Ft. Approximately.

Sub-Registrar Office in Betul

  • Address: :- Betul Deputy registrar office
    Pincode: 460001

  • Address: Multai Deputy registrar office
    Pincode: 460661

  • Address: Bhainsdehi Deputy registrar office
    Pincode: 460220

Taluk’s in Betul Guideline Value