Gadha Village Guideline value

To register a property located in Gadha village, the category of property has to be primarily identified, since the guideline value differs from one property type to another property type. Guideline value not only determines the minimum registration value of the property located at Gadha village but also it enables to calculate the associate cost of property registration such as stamp duty, registration fees etc.

Market value of the property located at Gadha village may differ from guideline value considering the other factors such as infrastructure of the building, material used in construction, age of the property etc, however registration of property can be done at par with guideline value or higher than the guideline value.

Gadha Village Plot Market value in Square Meter




Rs. 500
Rs. 500
Rs. 500

Gadha village Residential Building Market value in Square Meter



Tin shade

Kaccha kabelu

Rs. 5300
Rs. 4500
Rs. 3300
Rs. 2900

Gadha village Commercial Building Market value in Square Meter




Rs. 7700
Rs. 6500
Rs. 6500

Gadha village Agriculture Land Plot Market value in Hectare/Square Meter


Un Irrigated

Sub Clause wise Residential

Sub Clause wise Commercial

Rs. 1040000
Rs. 760000
Rs. 500
Rs. 500