Datia District Guideline Value, Madhya Pradesh

Datia district of Madhya Pradesh is situated at center of the country.Datia shares its boundary with Indergarh, Shivpuri, Bhander and some part of Uttar Pradesh. Datia is well known for Handloom weaving and a seven-story palace. The District Coversthe area of 2691 Sq Km. Further the city isdividedinto5Taluks which are Badoni, Bhander, Datia, Indergarh and Seondha.The sea levelof the district is1377.95 Ft. Approximately.

Sub-Registrar Office in Datia

  • Address: Bhander, Datia, SH-45, Bhander Jhansi Road
    Pincode: 475335

  • Address: Seondha Deputy registrar office
    Pincode: 475682

  • Address: bhander Deputy registrar office
    Pincode: 475335

Taluk’s in Datia Guideline Value