Tanjore Guideline Value

The entire land of Tamil Nadu is split into 9 Registration Zones and each zone is headed by a Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Registration. The names of nine Registration Zones are Chennai, Coimbatore, Cuddalore, Madurai, Salem, Tanjore, Tirunelveli, Trichy and Vellore. Among all nine zones, Chennai Zone, Thiyagaraja Nagar SRO, Chennai Registration Village and street name G N Chetty Road, Usman Road has the highest guideline value of Rs.16,750 per sq ft. Tanjore Zone, Mayiladuthurai Revenue District, Seerjazhi SRO, Thennampattinam Revenue Village, Thennampattinam Guideline Village and Seerkazhi Revenue Taluka is ranked as ninth (last) which has lowest guideline value of Rs.7 per sqft and generates low revenue in property transactions. Chennai Zone is considered as a high revenue generating zone.

The maximum property guideline value in Tanjore Zone Registration Department is Rs.3685 per square feet which comes under SRO Kumbakonam Joint – 1, registration village name Ward-I and II, the street names are Ayekulam Road, Hajiyar Street, Nageswaran Vadambokki Streets, Kumbeswaran South Street, Periya Kadai Street, etc. These lands are classified as Commercial Special Type – 1 that has the highest land value in the surroundings.

The minimum guideline value in Tanjore Zone is Rs.17 sq ft which comes under SRO Kollidam, Registration village name Kollidam, Revenue District name Mayiladuthurai, Revenue Taluk Sirkazhi and the street names are Kannabranadi and VIP City. These lands are classified as Residential Class I Type – I that have lowest land value in the surroundings.

The total application received (125675) and approved (124991) in all five district registration offices in Kumbakonam – 21514 (21391), Mayiladuthurai – 24432 (24364), Nagapattinam – 31954 (31789), Pattukkottai – 23594 (23461) and tanjore – 24181 (23986) respectively. The total application received (995) and approved (990) from business with female owners in Kumbakonam – 153 (153), Maiyaladuthurai – 65 (64), Nagapattinam – 168 (167), Pattukkottai – 132 (131) and Thanjavur – 477 (475) which was mentioned in Land Registration Dashboard.

The PWD officials also revised the guideline value of important roads and areas. According to sources between 2012 and 2017, the guideline value of Ayekulam Road, Hajiyar Street, Periya Kadai Street and Kumbeswaran South Street was Rs.5500 per sq ft. Now, it has been reduced to Rs.3685 per sq ft from 9 June 2017 which was displayed in the registration website. The PWD officials also increased the guideline value adjoining these streets.

Tanjore Zone of Registration Department consists of five District Registration Offices and 49 SRO’s. The guideline value in three municipalities namely Thanjavur Corporation, Kumbakonam Municipality and Pattukottai Municipality has been increased from 9 June 2017.

Tanjore district covers almost 3397 sq km. It has three Revenue divisions namely, Thanjavur, Kumbakonam and Pattukottai. Among all these three divisions Kumbakonam division generates more revenue through property transactions and the number of land registration applications processed is quite high. It has 589 Revenue villages with 22009 streets. The total Revenue blocks in this zone is 10 and Taluks is 9, it names are Thanjavur, Kumbakonam, Papanasam, Pattukottai, Peravurani, Orathanadu, Thiruvidaimarudur, Thiruvaiyaru and Budalur.

This district consists of 7 town Panchayats and 906 revenue villages. It was ranked as 8th in terms of the highest population among all other districts.

Tanjore Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Registration,
Registration Department Integrated Complex,
Near New New Collectorate, Vallam Hi Road,
Pillayarpatty, Thanjavur – 613010.
Phone No:04362-264953.
Email ID: digthanjavur@tnreginet.net

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