Cuddalore Guideline Value

The entire land in Tamil Nadu was split into 9 Registration Zones and each zone is headed by a Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Registration. The names of nine Registration Zones are Chennai, Coimbatore, Cuddalore, Madurai, Salem, Tanjore, Tirunelveli, Trichy and Vellore. Among all nine Registration Zones, Chennai Zone has the highest guideline value of Rs.16,750 per square feet and ranks first. It is considered as a high revenue generating zone in property transactions. Tanjore Zone ranks ninth (last) which has lowest guideline value of Rs.17 per sq ft and low revenue generating zone.

The maximum property guideline value in Cuddalore Zone Registration Department is Rs.3350 per square feet which comes under SRO Villupuram Joint–I, Guideline village name is Villupuram, the street names are Trichy Road, West Pondy Road, etc. These lands are classified as Commercial Class I Type – 1 that has the highest land value in the surroundings.

The minimum guideline value in Cuddalore Zone is Rs.33 sq ft which comes under SRO’s names are Chidambaram and Anniyur, Guideline village name is Anniyur, Registration village name is Anniyur, Revenue District name is Villupuram, Revenue Taluk name is Vikkirandi and the street names are Maruthi Nagar, Pasumai Nagar etc. These lands are classified as Residential Class IV Type – I that have lowest land value in the surroundings.

Cuddalore Zone Registration Department covers six District Registration Zones namely, Chidambaram, Cuddalore, Kallakurichi, Tindivanam, Villupuram and Virudhachalam. The total application received (189282) and approved (187325) in all six district registration offices in Chidambaram – 15933 (15866), Cuddalore – 35047 (34713), Kallakurichi – 39351 (38916), Tindivanam – 32281 (31848), Villupuram – 39243 (38785) and Virudhachalam – 27427 (27197) respectively. The total application received (778) and approved 778) from business with female owners in Chidambaram – 127 (127), Cuddalore – 242 (242), Kallakurichi – 45 (45), Tindivanam – 99 (99), Villupuram – 178 (178) and Virudhachalam – 87 (87) which is mentioned in Land Registration Dashboard.

The PWD officials also revised the guideline value of important roads and areas. According to sources between 2012 and 2017, the guideline value of Trichy Trunk Road, West Pondy Road was Rs.6,000 per sq ft. Now, it has been reduced to Rs.3,350 per sq ft from 9 June 2017 which was displayed in the registration website. The PWD officials also increased the guideline value of adjoining streets in the surroundings. Cuddalore Zone of Registration Department consists of six District Registration Offices and 54 SRO’s.

The guideline value in five municipalities which was named as Chidambaram Municipality, Cuddalore Municipality, Nellikuppam Municipality, Panruti Municipality and Virudhachalam Municipality has been increased from 9 June 2017. Among all these divisions Cuddalore division generates more revenue through property transactions and the number of land registration applications processed is quite high.

Cuddalore district covers almost 3703 sq km. It has three Revenue divisions namely Cuddalore, Chidambaram, and Viruthachalam. It has 905 Revenue villages and 683 Panchayats Village with 23626 streets. The total development blocks in this district is 13 and revenue Taluks is 10, its names are Cuddalore, Panruti, Kurinjipadi, Chidambaram, Bhuvanagiri, Kattumannarkoil, Srimushnam, Vridhachalam, Tittagudi and Veppur. It was ranked as fifth in terms of the highest revenue among all other districts.

Cuddalore Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Registration,
Door No.50, Sankara Naidu Street,
Thiruppathiripuliyur, Cuddalore – 607 002.
Phone No: 04142-236907.
Email ID: digcuddalore@tnreginet.net

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