Can a Minor Apply for a PAN Card

Not everyone knows that the Government of India allows even minors to apply for a pan card. Apart from being a good proof of identity, it becomes necessary if any property registration includes a minor. Just as it goes for an adult, minor PAN card application can also be done either online or offline. Here is more on both the options so that you can decide on the best one to choose.

Online Form for Minor PAN card Application

You need to apply online on the government site at www.tin-nsdl.com, then follow the steps as outlined below

1. Choose the Online PAN Application tab and from the dropdown you can choose 49 (Indian Residents) or 49A (Indians residing abroad)

2. Go through the usual process of applying for a PAN, however photograph for minor is not needed and the documents are different.

3. Pay the online processing fee through internet banking, debit/credit card or you can send a DD

4. If you are going through the complete process online then you will need to scan and upload the supporting documents

5. After filling the form and submitting a reference number is generated that you can use to track the status of your application

Once the application is processes your minor PAN card will be posted to the address provided in your application

Applying for Minor PAN card Offline

You need to follow the process as above, download the relevant application form from the government website www.tin-nsdl.com.

Download and fill up the form (remember that all signatures and information must be in black ink only)

Attach all relevant documents. More information on documents that are accepted is below later on this blog

No Photograph is needed for a minor

Look up where your nearest PAN Card or UTISL office in your location is

Submit the form and documents along with the processing fee

Documents for Minor PAN Card Application

Proof of age Certificate (copy)

1. Birth certificate issued by Municipal Corporation

2. Your child’s Matriculation school leaving mark sheet

Proof of Address

Now this can be difficult since most minors do not have address proof. Copy of any one of the following documents will cover this

1. Passport with current address

2. Bank or Post Office passbook with the current address

3. Original Certificate of address signed by a Member of Parliament/Member of Legislative Assembly or Legislative Council/ Gazetted Officer

Proof of Identity

1. Passport

2. Any government issued ID such as Postal ID ( in fact this is a good proof of identity to keep)

3. Get a original certificate (copy should not be submitted) with address details of the minor signed by a Member of Parliament/Member of Legislative Assembly or Legislative Council/ Gazetted Officer

4. An original bank certificate on the banks letterhead along with a photograph signed by a bank officer

PAN Card Services

If you prefer not to go through the headache of applying yourself, there is always help to make it easier. PAN Card services come at an extra cost but can take away all the hassle. A tip, make sure that their fees do not include any hidden charges. Reviews online is a good way to know how reliable their services are. If you need PAN Card Services, here is more information.