Duplicate PAN Card When and How to Apply?

It is not unusual to lose your PAN card. More people than you know it are doing so all the time. Lose your wallet and maybe your PAN was in it, misplaced it or jus has become damaged and cannot be used. If you know for sure that you have lost your PAN card and it is not going to reappear - then this is the time to see what you can do to apply for a duplicate PAN card. We have covered here everything you want to know about Duplicate PAN Card application process.

When should you apply for a duplicate PAN

An individual, trust or company can apply for a duplicate PAN if any of the following has happened

1. Change/correction of information:- Your new PAN card that you have received might have wrong information printed on it. You need to get it corrected quickly.

2. Lost or stolen:- This is often the most common reason. Most of us carry it in our wallet or purses. Sometimes it can fall out without us realising or in worst scenario, the wallet gets stolen.

3. Damaged:-The PAN is a laminated card but there are circumstances where it can be damaged beyond use.

How to apply for a duplicate PAN Card

There are different ways to apply for a duplicate PAN. Based on how savvy you are with online processes or if you prefer to do it by visiting the PAN office with Physical documents.

Applying Online

While it can be done online we need to submit documents as well, which need to be scanned or sent by post. The latter can delay the process. The steps are

  1. Visit the NSDL TIN website and click on the “Online PAN Application” tab and select the option ‘Changes or correction in existing PAN Data/Reprint of PAN Card’
  2. Fill in all the information carefully
  3. Upload the scanned documents and photo as well as signature. Else choose the option to send physical documents.

If this online application process seems difficult then it is best you choose a PAN service that can take the whole process out of your hands.

Applying Offline - Submitting at PAN office

  1. Download the application from TIN-NSDL website
  2. Check what are the suitable documents to be attached.
  3. Send it by mail to the address provided on the site or physically submit it at the PAN office.

A tip: while it seems easy to send by post your application and documents, it is better to visit the PAN office and submit it so that you know your application is correct. Chances of rejection are always there.

Applying through an Agent

While this means an additional cost the fact of the matter is that they know just what needs to be done in any situation and can take the headache out of the process. Often they just collect the necessary documents from you and do the rest of the process.

Supporting Documents for Duplicate PAN card application

After filling the application for Duplicate Pan, you will need to attach these documents

  1. Self-attested copy of PAN card or PAN allotment letter
  2. Self-attested copy of identity proof
  3. Self-attested copy of address proof
  4. Self-attested copy of date of birth proof

There is a payment to be made for the process but it is nominal.

Once submitted, it will take a maximum of 3 weeks to receive your duplicate pan, if approved. Often it can come earlier. You can follow the status of progress on the online site. IF you have done the application through the agent they should be sending you SMS updates.