Quick Information on Queries Regarding PAN Card

There are many doubts that people have about the PAN or Permanent Account Number. In recent times with most transactions requiring a PAN card, more and more people are applying for one. We try to provide clarifications for many of the questions that are raised by our clients and hope it will prove useful to everyone.

1. Can a PAN card application be completed online?

Yes,it is possible to apply for a PAN by going to the government website on NSDL or UTITSL. Filling in the application online. However, part of the process is offline as in after submitting the application you will need to download the acknowledgement receipt, affix your photos and sign on it and attach copies of supporting document. Not everyone can scan documents and upload through e-sign to make the process completely online. Payment can also be done online or you can make a DD and send to the address indicated on the website,

2. Is Photograph mandatory for PAN Card application?

Photograph is what appears on the laminated PAN card and hence it is mandatory to submit 2 passport size photographs. SInce this photo will appear on the PAN card, it should never be stapled to the application form. The photos should be stuck with gum in the place indicated on the application form. If you have submitted the PAn application online then the photos must be stuck on the acknowledgement receipt that you will be shown once you submit your application online. THis receipt will need to be printed, photos affixed and signature in BLACK ink only made on the form. This must be couriered or submitted to the PAN office within 15 days of the online application.

3.Can Women enter husband’s name rather than father’s name

No. Husband’s name is not acceptable. All individuals whether male or female should provide Father’s name. Father’s name is one of the details that appears on an individual’s PAN card. Now, things have got more progressive and PAN card application also accepts mothers name. Sadly though when being processed, the mother’s name is shown on the PAN card but the label still remains Father’s name.

4. Is it compulsory to enter Email ID and Mobile Number in the PAN card application form?

While it may not be mandatory, it is always advisable to provide both email ID and mobile number. This makes communication easy. It is also of future value, let me provide an example of this - in case you need to get your PAN detail at any point of time, you will need to go online to the NSDL website and enter your PAN number, details will be sent by SMS and Email. So this is why our always recommends all our customers to provide these details.

5. What if the Person whom is applying cannot sign on the application?

There are provisions provided to make it possible for those who are not literate or who are unable to sign for whatever reason it may be. In such cases, the left thumb impression using black ink only should be used instead of a signature. The thumb impression must be attested by a gazetted officer or a magistrate along with their official stamp.

PAN card Services are available who can help you in new PAN card application or for PAN card correction or if you lost your PAN card. Ensure though that you choose a reliable PAN card service by checking the reviews of their agency that is available online. There should not be any hidden charges in their fees.