Multiple PANs? How to Cancel your PAN Card Online

Why would anyone want to cancel their PAN card you might wonder? However, there are people out there with multiple pan cards and BEWARE that is considered illegal and can attract a hefty fine. Since they are different agencies handling PAN applications this is a possibility. Sometimes folks don’t wait to check the status of their original PAN and if it is delayed, they just apply for another. Also sometimes if you have lost your PAN you might apply for another but then find your card. Whatever be the reason, it’s best to surrender your card if you have multiple PANs. So if you are in this situation, here is how you can submit a duplicate pan back.

How to Cancel Multiple PAN Card through Online Application

To cancel a PAN card you need to do it on the same form as you use for applying for a New PAN Card. Go to the government website at www.tin-nsdl. Look for PAN card application and choose the 49A form (if you are an Indian resident).

To cancel your PAN card online, follow these instructions:

1. In the new PAN card application or Change Request application, Fill the PAN number of the card you want to keep in the box provided right at the top of the form.

2. The numbers of the additional PAN cards you want to surrender should be entered in Section 11.

3. Do make sure you do this correctly as its the most important part of cancellation.

4. The application, along with supporting documents and the original PAN card (s) you are cancelling should be submitted at the PAN office.

5. Do not surrender your original PAN card you want to keep. Only copy should be included.

6. Once submitted, you will get an acknowledgement number which can be used to track the status of your application.

7. You will receive confirmation of PAN cancellation within 15 days.

Cancel PAN Card through Offline Process

If you do not want to download the form 49A and go through the process as described above, there is another option. You can write a letter with all the information needed for cancellation, along with supporting documents and the PAN Card you want to surrender. The letter needs to be submitted to the assessing officer in your jurisdiction. In other words, you will still need to go to the NSDL TIN facilitation office or what is more commonly known as the PAN office. You can look up your nearest PAN office on Google if you don’t know where it is.

The letter should include the following details:

1. Name of the applicant (as entered in your PAN)

2. Address of the applicant

3. All the details of the PAN Card(s) you want to cancel

4. Details of the PAN Card, including number of the PAN Card you want to retain

5. Give copies of supporting documents of Identity and Address proof

6. Include only the original PAN cards you want to cancel

Once submitted to the assessing officer, make sure that you get an acknowledgement copy from the assessing officer at the time of submission. This is enough proof that your PAN has been cancelled.