PAN Card Verification - How to verify someone else’s NSDL PAN Card Online

Applying for a new PAN card is easy and even getting details of your own PAN card. However, if you need to verify someone else’s PAN card details, then what do you do? The government NSDL website does give you this option but it can only be availed by authorized entities and not by the general public

Entities That Can Avail PAN Verification

Only specific individuals and groups are eligible for this facility. Check against this list to know whether you can avail of this

1. Banks

2. Insurance Companies

3. Insurance Repositories

4. Credit Card Companies

5. Depositories

6. Mutual Funds

7. Stock Exchange

8. Commodity Exchange

9. Clearing Corporations

10. Income Tax Projects

11. Non-Banking Financial Companies approved by RBI

12. Companies and Entities that have to furnish Annual Information Returns

13. Educational Institutions established by Regulatory Bodies

14. KYC Registration Agency (KRA)/Central KYC Registry

15. Goods and services tax networks

16. Govt. Record Keeping Agencies (Central/State)

17. Non-banking Financial Enterprises approved by RBI

18. Reserve Bank Of India

Documents to Get Registered For PAN Card Verification

In order to avail this facility of online PAN card verification, the person or company needs to furnish supporting documents . The applicant must also submit a signed copy of the terms and conditions on their company /entity letterhead along with an authorization letter and a demand draft for fees that will be charged.

These are the supporting documents that will be needed

Company/Entity Details

1. Registered Name of the Entity

2. Entity’s TAN and PAN

3. Entity’s category

4. Other personal details

5. Entity’s contact details

Details pertaining to digital Signature

1. Name of Certifying Authority

2. Class of the Digital Signature Certificate

3. Serial Number of the Digital Signature Certificate

Payment Details

1. Amount paid

2. Mode of payment

3. Instrument number

How to Track Your Application Status

The authority to approve an applicant for online PAN Card verification is given to the Income Tax department only. After registering on the official NSDL site, filling the online form and submitting the documents, the entity can track the status of their application using the Authorization Number that was provided to them on application.

Mediums for Pan Card Verification

Do remember that this facility can be used only for year after your approval and you will need to renew your application. Once your application has been approved, there are 3 mediums that can be used to verify PAN card details.

1. API PAN Based Verification- Registered users can use a software App to verify PAN. This is a very convenient option if you have a larger volume of verification that your entity has to handle.

2. Bulk File Based Verification- There is also a bulk PAN verification facility available where the user can upload a file containing 1000s of PAN card numbers. This will take 24 hours to be processed and needs to be in the structure indicated by NSDL e-governance. After 24 hours all details are provided. Make sure your file format is correct or it will get rejected.

3. Instant Screen Based Verification- The authorized person must login to their account online and can check a maximum of 5 PAN cards at one time