How to Find your PAN Card Details

The PAN is a Permanent Account Number that is actually a mix of Alphabets and numbers. This number is unique for each one of us who has a PAN card. It is issued by the Income Tax Department and is a must have for each of us particularly when we file our income tax. It is now become mandatory for opening a bank account and needs to be shown for big value bank transactions as well. Property registration too needs a PAN card. So for those not having a PAN card yet, It is time you applied for one. Even foreigners who are working in India need to apply for a PAN card.

Get Your PAN Details Using Your PAN Number

If you have not registered yourself online, you can do this by going to the e-filing website www.incometaxefiling.gov.in and then following these steps.

1. Click on the Register Yourself option that is available on the site

2. Enter your PAN card number and register yourself

3. You will need to fill up some details because it basically checks that you are who you say you are

4. So once you have registered yourself, an activation mail is sent to your email address

5. Activate your account from the link in the mail

6. Then login again to the same website and click on My Account. You will find all your PAN card details here. Know how your name is registered, you DOB, Father’s name, your address and jurisdiction under which it was applied

If you are trying to verify someone PAN card details for a transaction with them, then there are ways of doing this as well online. Use the search term Search PAN in Google search and a number of sites will be displayed that you can use.

Lost Your PAN and Don’t Remember the Number?

If you have lost your PAN and don’t have a copy then you might think you are in a problem and how can you apply for a duplicate PAN since you need the PAN number to apply for a re-issue. It also just might be that you need your PAN number to enter a application and you don’t have your card with you at the moment. Whatever may be the reason, don’t worry, it is easy to find your PAN number online just with your date of birth and name. Just follow these steps

1. Go to the e-filing website as I have mentioned in the previous process

2. Enter your date of birth as directed here in the DD/MM/YYYY format e.g. 08/06/1999 if you were born on 8th June 1999

3. Enter your name - be careful here as it must be exactly as was entered in your PAN - surname first, a middle name if you have any then your first name

4. Verify that you are a human by entering the captcha that is shown

5. Click on the SUBMIT button

6. That is all you need to do, the details will be sent to you as an SMS on the mobile number you had provided when you applied for the PAN

These are the details that will be sent to you

1. Your PAN Card Number

2. Full Name

3. Jurisdiction

4. Active/Inactive PAN card status