PAN Card Acknowledgement Number

The full form of PAN is a Permanent Account Number issued by the Income Tax Department of India. It is one of the most essential documents possess by both citizens of India, NRI, and OCI. It helps the government of India to prevent cases of tax evasion in the country.

PAN Card acknowledgement Number: How it works?

The acknowledgment number issued by the PAN authorities like NSDL or UTIITSL after the individual makes a successful submission of the PAN application form. When you file a PAN application form with NSDL, it issues a 15 digit PAN acknowledgment number and when one applies PAN through UTIITSL, it generates 9 digit PAN acknowledgment number. The number is a must to have to know the status of PAN Card delivery. One who applies for a new PAN Card or has given an application to make changes in the existing PAN Card can track the status using the PAN acknowledgment slip or PAN acknowledgment form provided.

The offline procedure of receiving the acknowledgment number

If an individual has applied for a PAN Card via offline mode, then the agent or PAN authority will provide the acknowledgment number to whom the form is submitted.

Online procedure of downloading PAN Card

  • Once the applicant makes online submission of PAN Card, acknowledgement number sent to your registered email address.
  • Click on the link provided on your email to download the acknowledgment number to track the status.

In what scenarios PAN Acknowledgement number is required

When one applied for a new PAN Card or made changes/corrections to an existing PAN Card.

How to use the Acknowledgement number?

At NSDL website

In case you have applied for PAN Card through NSDL, you are required to visit the NSDL website and click on the option of ‘Know Status of your application’. After that in the given space provide the acknowledgment number and track the PAN Card status.

At UTIITSL website

In case you have applied for PAN Card through UTIITSL, you are required to check the status from the same. Log on to the website and click on the option of the ‘Track your PAN card’ feature. After that in the given space provide the acknowledgment number and track the PAN Card status.

How to check the PAN Card status without an Acknowledgement number?


The PAN acknowledgment number is being provided by NSDL. It makes it easier for the individual to track the PAN Status of their PAN application. In case, the number got misplaced, it is not possible to check the PAN application status.


If you applied for a PAN card at UTIITSL, the applicant could track the PAN Status even with the help of a coupon number, in case the coupon number is misplaced or lost, by using the PAN number available on the PAN acknowledgment slip.

Process of checking PAN status by PAN number

  • Log on to the website of UTIITSL
  • Click on the option ‘Track Your PAN Card Application Status Page’ on the UTIITSL website
  • Enter the 10-character PAN number in the respective column and click ‘Submit.