Reasons for PAN Card rejections

The process of applying for a PAN Card in India is easy and convenient. It can be achieved both online and offline. But even being an easy process, still, there are a huge number of rejection cases reported by the NSDL and UTIITSL. One of the most common reason for PAN Card rejection is wrong or incomplete document submission. The information furnished in the PAN form and supporting documents are different. Be it individual, companies, Trust, Associations, NRIs, all are making these common mistakes at the time of applying for a PAN card.

Let’s discuss here all the major reasons for PAN Card rejections in detail:

PAN Application form discrepancy

It is the most common form of discrepancy. There are various fields available in form be it 49 A or 49AA. These fields include details like gender, name, date of birth, address, etc. If the applicant is filing the wrong information in these fields, then there are high chances of facing drawback of PAN form rejection from the side of NSDL or UTIITSL.

Discrepancy related to documents submission

The documents like address proof, identity proof , or date of birth proof posted to Income Tax Department of India are either not clear or may not be a valid proof. In such cases also the PAN application form gets rejected by UTIITSL or NSDL wherever the applicant has applied for PAN.

Missing of Pin Code in the PAN application form

Missing of minute details in the form like mentioning of Pin code in its application form. Since an applicant is receiving PAN Card via post, it is a must to provide this information. Not giving PIN code details becomes the reason for PAN application rejection.

If you forget to mention ISD or STD codes in your contact details

When you are providing contact details and not mentioning ISD or STD codes along with it, there are chances that your PAN application gets rejected being authorities not able to contact the PAN applicants in case of need arises.

If you are using initials in filling up the ‘Name’ field in the PAN application form

If you want to avoid facing PAN rejection, avoid using initials in specifying your name at the time of filling up the PAN form. This is one single point that is a troubling huge number of PAN applicants. It is quite a common habit of Indians of using initials instead of writing name or surname in full. People write initials in the form and to support the name, documents are submitted where your full name is mentioned. The name mention in the form and documents do not match in that case which results in PAN application rejection. Please note PAN data is not accepting initials. HUFs are required to mention in the PAN application form their full first, last, and middle names. In the case of companies, the name should be written in full, and all short forms should be eliminated.

Before filling PAN Card application form, check the list of valid documents from the NSDL or UTIITSL website for your reference, and make timely submission of correct documents are also important. Keep in mind all the above factors while filling PAN application form, you will surely get success in getting the PAN application approved.